My name is Kristina, 25 years young lady and a true lover of our humanity. I was born in Germany. But I realized, I am not only German but a woman of the world. Two years ago I left Germany and my engineer job behind to follow my heart which asked me loudly to be in service for our wonderful world and humanity. So here I am, trying every day to become a better version of myself, to give the world the best of me, instead of what is left of me.
I heal what hurt me so that I won’t hurt people who didn’t do anything to me.. I know that’s why this country of magic has found and attracted me. It was a strong pulling to my heart. Since I landed in India I feel so much connected with this country, my intuition tells me that I am not here for the first time. It tells me that there is a connection with previous lives. Here in India we still find the great wisdom of the Self. it’s still kept alive for thousands of years. The deep wisdom of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. What do we humans seek on the outside if inside, we can’t find peace and our body (health) asks for help? Our health is the very basis of all our existence. Much love to everyone who is spreading this very wisdom.
When I landed in India, I found that I am so much connected with this country. I even felt I was Indian in my previous birth. Nowadays, the universe makes me meet amazing human beings, such as the great souls in Skanda Ayur Yoga [Palolem beach, Goa]. I am so grateful to have met Dev ‘by accident’ or how I would better say ‘by destiny’. I have spent one enriching week in Skanda Ashram, a place of peace and optimism. A time to dive deeper into the practice of yoga by the support of amazing yoga teachers, time for myself and my meditation, and time for Ayurveda cleansing methods to support my wonderful body.
I am sending my warmest wishes to all of you in Skanda Ashram. You are not only great yoga teachers but much more than that. You are wonderfully warm-hearted human beings. And to those who are wondering to stay at Skanda for a while, whether old or young, I can only say: “ Do it, don’t miss this experience”. Life is all about experience. Connect to your heart, listen here deeply and then go for it! Go after what you want.

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