There is a saying that Yoga and Meditation will eliminate 80% of the sickness of human body and mind. And 10% sickness can be avoided by healthy food habit.
Nivedya had a life changing experience, she wants to share with us.

Hi Everybody,
I am Nivedya, from Thrissur , Kerala state. I am pursuing my degree in dentistry at A.J. College of Medical Sciences, Mangalore. I was born and brought up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia & moved to India for my higher studies.
I was introduced to Yoga Master Dev of Skanda Yoga, through a common friend of mine during a yoga class i attended back in Mangalore. He being a very positive soul, immediately spread positivity around me. I was in a very dark phase of my life when I met him, but just from the first meeting, he started giving me support and care like an elder brother does. He guided me with very small yet useful tips to improve my mental as well as physical health. Things changed when I almost had a mental breakdown due to my depression and anxiety which I was going through for past few months and for which i was under medication. That is when I was seeking serious help from Dev to get out of it because no dose of medication helped me.
I was an introvert and my parents had never let me travel alone to anywhere, but Dev convinced my parents that I needed help and he promised them my safety and my normal life back. I arrived at Skanda Ayur yoga Ashram on Nov 4th, 2019. He had planned the entire routine for me including the diet and detox. Within just 2 days of attending the yoga retreat course i felt myself filling up with positive energy and hopes.
I restarted painting and drawing after almost five years. Painting was my first love. But somewhere in life I had abandoned it. I started smiling, communicating with people! I started loving myself. After just 8 days of yoga retreat, I entirely stopped the anti-depressant medication I was taking at that time.
I returned home as a new individual with full of hopes and dreams. I started doing things which made me happy and started planning for my life for the first time. I started saying yes to things that I loved and no to things that hurt me. Yoga and meditation helped me a lot and I decided I wanted to help other people too. And that is why i decided to join the Yoga Teacher Training course that Dev was offering at Skanda.
I am very new to yoga. Even though I had taken a few classes before coming to Skanda, I was never regular. I started practicing Yoga regularly since 1 month after I arrived here. After just first week at the YTTC class, I am enlightened that Yoga is lot more than I had imagined. It’s been hectic schedule yet I enjoy every day and look forward to learn new things about Yoga and meditation. I am having a great time at Skanda ashram with a lot of peace and positive energy around and inside me. I recommend Yoga to all human beings.”

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